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Kayak Launch Easy on and off the water

YAKport Kayak Launch fixed or floating docks

Attach Kayak Launch to fixed or floating docks

YAKport launch makes getting in and out of the water easy for beginners or experienced users. Kayaks, Canoes or Stand Up Paddle Boards with a width 34" and under can use the YAKport.

Connect to floating or fixed docks with the selection of accessories and anchoring options. The YAKport Kayak Launch comes in five colors options to match your dock.

YAKport can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed docks. Floating dock installations will use a set of metal hinges while fixed dock installations will use 2” poles and pole connectors. Need a little more floating dock next to your YAKport? Connect-A-Dock modular floating dock can be added using the normal Connect-A-Dock float connectors.

Place Kayak into the YAKport kayak launch

Slip your kayak into the YAKport Kayak Launch

YAKport is made from highly durable UV protected polyethylene and comes in 5 different colors to match your existing color scheme – Tan, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue and Black. Optional overhead and entry handles are available.

  • Size:
  • 48"w x 60"l x 22"h outer
  • 34"w x 17"h inside

  • Weight:
  • 99 lbs

Launch stand up paddle Boards

Personal Paddle Sport Launch

YAKport is a personal paddle sport launch which works great for not only kayaks but also canoes and paddleboards. It provides a safe and stable cradle for boarding and unloading. Simply place your favorite paddle sport vessel on Kayak Launch and enjoy a sure footed and stable entry right above water level.

Then tug yourself into the water with very little effort. Once your paddling session is over, pull right back onto YAKport and enjoy the same stability and convenience while getting out. Now you have no excuses to get out and enjoy the water!

Launch Stand Up Paddle Boards - Place the Paddle Board's fins over the edge of the YAKport into the water. Then back out to launch.

Yakport kayak Launch installed in AZ

Customer Testimonial

Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our YAKport kayak launch. We recently purchased a home in Arizona on a man-made lake and wanted to use kayaks. One of our concerns was an easy and safe way to launch our kayaks. We researched several options and after speaking with staff at Connect-A-Dock we decided to give the YAKport a try. With their assistance we configured our order and arranged for delivery to our home. Everything arrived in excellent shape and was very easy to move to the lake and assemble.

This was a great solution to our unique needs for a floating dock and kayak launch. The whole system makes it possible for us, our kids and grandkids to safely launch our kayaks. We look forward to years of use by our family and friends.

Tim B - Sun City, AZ

Kayak Launch accessories

Kayak Accessories

Kayak Anchoring

Kayak Anchoring

Five YAKport Kayak Lunch Colors

Launch Colors