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Kayak Launch Anchoring

Floating Dock Kit

Floating Dock Kit

model YAKH1000 (Low Profile)

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model YAKH2000 (High Profile)

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When connecting to a floating dock with metal or wooden framing, use the Floating Dock Kit to keep your YAKport connected without excess strain on the hardware.

  • Kit Includes:
  • (2) Hinge Bracket
  • (2) Metal Accessory Connector - Male
  • (2) Pin and Clip

Fixed Dock Kit

Fixed Dock Kit

model YAKF2001

When connecting to a fixed dock use the Pole Connectors to glide on 2" sch 40 pipe (not included) as water levels change. The Pole Connectors can mount to 1000 Series - Low Profile sockets on the YAKport.

  • Kit Includes:
  • (2) Pole Bracket Sleeve
  • (2) 1000 Series - Low Profile Pole Connector

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Alternative - Replacement Parts

Pole Connector use with Fixed Dock Kit

1000 Series - Low Profile Pole Connector

model AKF2001

The versatile Pole Connector slip-fits into the exposed connector sockets of the YAKport. (Hardware included)

2000 Series Metal Accessory Connector

2000 Series Metal Accessory Connector


Mount to a floating Dock on the high profile side of the YAKport.

5 x 5 Male-Female Hinge Kit

5 x 5 Hinge

model 5x5 Hinge Male - 400432

model 5x5 Hinge Female - 400430

model Pin/Clip - 400433

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Replacement Pin and Clip

Pin/Clip PN-400433