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Kayak Launch Accessories

Kayak Launch Over Head Grab Bar

Over Head Assist Bar PN-400401

model YAK1020

Attaches to the top of the YAKport Kayak Launch to give extra stability for entry or exit.

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Kayak Launch Short Grab Bars

Short Grab Bars PN-400402

model YAKGH1020

Short Grab Bars extend out into the water to make launching or docking easier from a kayak or canoe.

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Yakbars kayak launch hand rails

YAK Bars PN-400403

model YAKGHL1020

Enter or exit from either end of the kayak launch.

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1000 Series Metal Accessory Connector

1000 Series Metal Accessory Connector


4.5” x 5.5” x 10” (11.4 cm x 14 cm x 25.4 cm)

Add accessories to your Kayak Launch or connect to a dock.

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2000 Series Metal Accessory Connector

2000 Series Metal Accessory Connector


7” x 8.125” x 17.125”

Add accessories on the 2000 Series connector side of the Kayak Launch

Kayak Rack hold two kayaks

Kayak Rack

model KR1020

6' x 18.25"

(182.9 cm x 46.36 cm)

Conveniently store two kayaks on your dock

Customer Testimonial

I am very pleased with the purchase of the YAKport along with the assist bar. My wife and I love to kayak but getting in and out of the kayaks was becoming difficult. Now with YAKport we can safely get in and out of the kayaks with ease and no difficulty. We now go kayaking almost every day. I would highly recommend the YAKport for any kayak enthusiast.

Jeff F – Clarkston, Michigan